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The Ground Shook and Heaven Shined

What a day to say the least. As the team was split in villages, we were united in prayer and deed as Jesus allowed us the privilege of mirroring His love to “the least of these” in Honduras.

While here at the home base of Healing Hands International Ministries, the interns invested sweat and leg work to help build and facilitate the vision of the Williams – to truly be a healing place for a hurting world. Walls were painted, concrete mixed and poured, and meals were cooked all the while stopping continuously throughout the day to pray for the crew 4 hours away.

Our medical, dental, and cooking team traveled to a village of 3000 Wednesday morning and from that 5am trip on… nonstop God moments as they arrived in a village that’s a 3 day travel from any nearby town which none can actually afford to take. Here are a few highlights of this 2 day mission:
We brought the first ever dentist to the village
Treated 48 dental patients
Had 367 medical treatments (correction from last post)
Cooked for 1000+
Woman healed of a hernia
Gentleman accepted Christ as Savior at the same time having his broken rib healed
Beautiful girl carried in with Cerebral Palsy, walked out
Lady’s blood pressure dropped 30 points after a God moment in prayer
Money raised amongst the team to financially relocate the poorest widow in the village
And many more…

A minor distraction from the enemy couldn’t shake God’s Hand as He reached out and loved people today in Honduras. God was honored, people were loved, and we were blessed to be a blessing.

Thank you for your prayers as we’ve seen today… they work.

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7.1 Earthquake

To not hold in suspense, everyone is safe!

Now for the context. Early this morning at 2:36am there was a 7.1 earthquake off the coast of La Ceiba, Honduras – 95km from where we are. For over 1 minute the earth shook, some interns snored while we all were figuring what was happening. The medical and dental brigade were off site in the mountains of Las Minas (4 hours away) in tents when it struck. The commotion woke the whole the village and the line of 578 patients began at 3:30am instead of 7am as scheduled. Please pray for strength of our crew as little sleep and an earthquake can’t stop what God is going to do.

The whole group was under a tsunami watch for a while but since the earthquake was only 10km deep, the watch faded quickly. Not bad for an early morning quickly followed up by a local praise and worship parade from the village church at 3:30am singing praises to God for His hand of protection. What a morning. God’s hand is close, His Spirit is thick, and our hearts are filled with joy, thankfulness, and expectancy of what God has in store for the day.

Please keep our team in prayer (especially physical strength for the medical brigade) and for continued safety for the people of Honduras.

Posted by: hpchonduras | May 26, 2009

Paradise in Honduras

An amazing day of blessings for the Kingdom in a small village that translates to “Paradise” in English. We drove to a drop point by the river where we needed to hike 45 minutes over rivers and through the jungle. Our destination was a small school house in the mountains that did not have any electricity. The medical, dental and HPC School of Ministry interns each had a task to share the love of Christ.

The medical team saw 96 patients. The dental team pulled 48 teeth on 25 patients. The HPC interns put on a drama that acted out the love of Christ to 40 school children. Even with language differences the children still understood the drama and many were impacted with the hope of Christ.

The team ended the day swimming in the river to cool off, and we are looking forward to a 4×4 drive tomorrow to reach people in even more remote areas.

Please say a prayer.

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First Day in Honduras

Well… what an amazing day getting ready for the medical brigade to commence. From sorting pills, making dental surgical chairs, hanging cabinets, moving scaffolding, shopping for food for hundreds and about a million other odds and ends, today’s preparation will reap much fruit tomorrow as we open the clinic for free food, medical treatment and dental work. So amazing the hard work and beautiful hearts of the team and amazing missionaries Dr. Martin and Wendy Williams. God is here.

For the loved ones – everyone is safe, healthy and full of anticipation for the next few days. Please pray that God uses such simple things as medicine, food, and sweat to show the very love and heart of Christ.

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On our way!

Sitting in the plane. Ready to go. Check in went amazing with the few funny moments like Bro. Larry’s body search. Excited and will be arriving in Honduras at 12p with one layover in Houston. Everybody is doing great. Your prayers are much appreciated. Pray that God gets the hearts of those we’ll be in contact with’s heart ready for the truth and love of Christ.

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Get Ready, Get Set…

May 23rd will be here before we know it and as I write this I am reminded of some comments from team members of previous mission trips that I have been on…

One brother commented to me that through all the meetings and prayer beforehand he wondered why? Once we got on the ground and seeing the poverty, conditions, and lack of basic necessities that we take for granted…He replied when we got back, “We should have prayed more, if I had known beforehand I would have wanted to pray more.” His comments were heart felt and he was touched by God in ways that he will never forget.

We are in the Get Ready stage! Next week we will be Getting Set! And, on May 23rd..GO! I am not talking about what to pack or wear or how my hair will look! The spiritual condition of our hearts needs to be ready and set because on May 23rd God will meet us in Honduras for an awesome week of SPIRITUAL GO! Keep praying, fasting, and getting close to God!

All for His Glory,
Joseph LeBlanc

Posted by: hpchonduras | May 11, 2009

A party of Believers, not believers of a Party!

All through the chapters of Acts that we are reading right now there is a recurring theme of the Gospel moving forward, people being saved, and opposition to the Way of Christ! There is great power in the faith of the apostles being displayed for the glory of Christ! The believers are witness to many miracles and are themselves a part of these miracles. As a result they are filled with joy and at times are living a party lifestyle because of the freedom of Christ in them!

But, there are those who don’t fully embrace this freedom. Yes, they call themselves believers but want to enforce or dictate rules that must be followed in a legalistic way. We see this in Acts 15:5…Then some of the believers who belonged to the party of the Pharisees stood up and said… You can fill in the blank with any religious rule but in this instance the rule was you must be circumcised as is the Jewish tradition.

It is our prayer that we would be known by the love of Christ that we display and the unity that can only come from BELIEVERS. We represent Christ and not a denomination or Party. With the power of God’s Holy Spirit and love for Christ we will see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel and miracles performed for His glory! Keep praying and believing!!

Yours in Christ,

Joseph LeBlanc

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Spread the Word

Today we pray for Dr. Martin, Wendy, and staff of HHIM to have strength and endurance. As I pray, I am reminded of what encourages me to endure in places and seasons that are dry or hard. The words that are spread and spoken about what I do or say can have such a huge impact. And, I believe we don’t say those encouraging words often enough. Have you ever been lifted up by the words of others? It has a good affect and motivates us to keep going.

What the entire team of HHIM is doing is spreading the love of Christ to a lost and forgotten people group. Now that will draw attention and word will spread far and wide of what God is doing in the Northern mountains of Honduras. Wow!!!

Spread the word team to all that you know and let them know of the HHIM website and let them know about this website. With encouraging words and the love of Christ being spread I know that our God will strengthen the hearts and give stamina to the body of the entire staff of HHIM!!! I am pumped already just thinking about it!

And through all of this the Word of God will spread with hearts that love and hands that heal, serve, and build. Get ready team and spread the word…Jesus is here and anything can happen!

Serving HHIM,
Joseph LeBlanc

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Vision – Acts 10

Acts Chapter 10 describes two visions by 2 different people. Cornelius had a vision to send servants to a certain town and ask for Simon Peter to visit him. While these servants were approaching the house that Peter was staying in, Peter had a vision that later he correctly interprets to mean that he is to no longer think of anyone as unclean. These visions were timed so perfectly to intersect at just the right moment – a God moment. What salvation it brought to Cornelius, his family and entire household. And new thinking was brought to Simon Peter and the brothers he had brought with him as they watched the Holy Spirit fill these Romans!

Had one of these visions happen at a different time, we would not have this wonderful outcome. Today, we pray for vision for Dr. Martin and Wendy, as well as their entire board of directors for Healing Hands International Ministry (HHIM). So many opportunities are opening to HHIM. We had the opportunity to hear just a few of the amazing possibilities to expand their ministry last week. Can you imagine: a Honduras-trained physician with the heart to serve the poor! And this country, as most, have so many incredible needs.

Dr. Martin and Wendy were given an incredible vision by God many years ago, and it has been a long painful road that has brought them to where they are. Let us pray that every opportunity that they are given is “held up” to the vision that God has given them. An opportunity may be great, and really serves a need. But if it is not a God-ordained opportunity, we need to pray that the Holy Spirit gives them the clarity and wisdom to discern the difference.

Lord, we pray that You continue to sharpen the vision of the work that You have given HHIM to do. All for Your honor and glory. Amen

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Obedient Hearts – Acts 9

God is all focused on the condition of our hearts. We use this saying so much that we forget what this really means. So much is said in scripture about this topic, but we will focus today on what this chapter of Acts has to say about it.

Chapter 9 is the dramatic conversion of Saul; his encounter with Christ that changes his life forever. Remember, he is bringing letters with him to Damascus to put believers of Christ in chains and haul them back to Jerusalem. Everyone knew he was coming. What do you think the people in Damascus were doing as he was traveling? Can you imagine the prayer meetings that were going on in Damascus, pleading with God to save them from Saul. And God obviously heard and answered their prayer. Fast forward to Saul in Damascus, blind, praying and fasting. The Lord tells Ananias to go pray for Saul so that he may receive his sight again. Ananias was obviously one of the leaders in Damascus, and no doubt he was part of, if not leading, the prayer meetings where they undoubtedly were praying for Saul to fall off a mountain, or be eaten by wild animals. Now the Lord is telling him to go pray for Saul. Ananias must have been speechless for a moment, and then chose his words very carefully, as he was speaking to the Lord!

Ananias says in verse 13 & 14, “But Lord, I’ve heard many people talk about the terrible things this man has done to the believers in Jerusalem! And he is authorized by the leading priests to arrest everyone who calls upon Your name.” Verse 15: “But the Lord said, ‘Go, . . .” And so Ananias wisely keeps quiet and is obedient to what the Lord has instructed him to do, even though it made no sense to him. Because God has a plan that we cannot see. It’s easy for us 2000 years later to gloss over that part of the story, because we know that Saul becomes Paul and writes 2/3 of the New Testament. But Ananias didn’t know that. All he knew was that this guy Saul went around arresting any believer he could find and had even watched Stephen being stoned to death. What obedience Ananias had to have to go pray for Saul so he could regain his sight and receive the Holy Spirit.

This is such an incredible example of the obedience that God requires of us. God has spoken to Dr. Martin and Wendy. Although they don’t know all of God’s plan for their lives, they truly know what they need to be doing right now. We have to respect the call that God has on their lives, and be obedient to what God has told them should be done on this trip. There is no aspect of this trip that is more important than the other. It is all so intricately woven together. We have been called to serve them at this time, and we need to be obedient to fast and pray for them. And we need to pray for each other, that we are so close to God right now that we can clearly hear His voice as we serve these missionaries. The end result will be that we are closer to God, and His kingdom will be increased!

Dr. Cheri

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